osseous labyrinth

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bon·y lab·y·rinth

a series of cavities (for example, cochlea, vestibule, and semicircular canals) contained within the otic capsule of the petrous portion of the temporal bone; the bony labyrinth is filled with perilymph, in which the delicate, endolymph-filled membranous labyrinth is suspended.
See also: otic capsule.

osseous labyrinth

Etymology: L, os, bone; Gk, labyrinthos, maze
the bony part of the internal ear, which transmits sound vibrations from the middle ear to the eighth cranial nerve. It is composed of three cavities: the vestibule, the semicircular canals, and the cochlea, all of which contain perilymph, in which a membranous labyrinth is suspended. Also called labyrinthus osseus. Compare membranous labyrinth.

osseous labyrinth

The complex, hollow space in the temporal bone that consists of the vestibule, three semicircular canals, and cochlea, all filled with perilymph. Synonym: bony labyrinth
See also: labyrinth


the system of interconnecting cavities or canals of the internal ear, consisting of the vestibule, cochlea and semicircular canals.
The cochlea is concerned with hearing, and the vestibule and semicircular canals with equilibrium (sense of balance).

bony labyrinth
the bony or osseous labyrinth is composed of a series of canals tunneled out of the temporal bone.
ethmoid labyrinth, ethmoidal labyrinth
either of the paired lateral masses of the ethmoid bone, consisting of numerous thin-walled cellular cavities, the ethmoidal cells.
membranous labyrinth
inside the osseous labyrinth is the membranous labyrinth, which conforms to the general shape of the osseous labyrinth but is smaller. A fluid called perilymph fills the space between the osseous and membranous labyrinths. Fluid inside the membranous labyrinth is called endolymph. These fluids play an important role in the transmission of sound waves and the maintenance of body balance.
osseous labyrinth
a complex excavation in the petrous part of the temporal bone which houses the membranous labyrinth.