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the formation of a direct interface between an orthopedic or dental implant and bone, without intervening soft tissue.


The direct attachment to bone of an inert, alloplastic material without intervening connective tissue, as with dental implants.

os·se·ous in·teg·ra·tion

(osē-ŭs intĕ-grāshŭn)
Apparent direct attachment or connection of osseous tissue to an inert alloplastic material without intervening connective tissue, as with dental implants.
Synonym(s): osseointegration.

osseointegration (os″eoin″təgra´shən),

n 1. the growth action of bone tissue, as it assimilates surgically implanted devices or prostheses to be used as either replacement parts or anchors.
n 2. a specific endosseous dental implant technique involving very slow and precise bone drilling to minimize heat production; the procedure makes use of biocompatible metal and a defined healing environment. Also known as the
Branemark technique.
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Stability plays an important role in Osseointegration and primary stability directly influences the osseointegration of implants (Chen et al.
The Companys AMS portfolio is designed to deliver enhanced osseointegration and biomechanics through innovative implant design.
Surface roughness can increase the degree of osseointegration and it can lead to complications during removal of mini implants in orthodontics.
Since a primary criticism of the use of PEEK for spinal implants is the development of a fibrous tissue capsule that surrounds the implant, preventing an effective integration with adjacent vertebrae, the porous surface promotes osseointegration.
Steve Mark Gan, president and CEO of Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (Gaoc) and his team of professional and caring dentists, expand Gaoc's brand of dental services to the Queen City of the South with the opening of its sixth branch at the third floor of SM City Seaside Cebu.
In dentistry, dental implants require hard tissue compatibility for Osseointegration and bone formation, soft tissue compatibility for adhesion of gingival epithelium, and antibacterial property for the inhibition of biofilm formation.
The company said COALESCE combines the osseointegration capabilities of porous metal implants with the favorable imaging and mechanical properties of traditional PEEK implants.
Both treatments need identical waiting time for the next phase and Osseointegration.
I went for an operation in Australia three years called osseointegration and that was the whole reason I was able to walk the 100km for Blind Veterans who are kindly sponsoring me for my weightlifting now," said Shaun.
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2] matricies, respectively, were used to prepare thin films in order to modify the surface of titanium grade 4 implants (material of choice in the orthopedic and dental fields) with the aim of improving the osseointegration ability of the substrate.