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Oscillometry required the use of a suitable instrument to magnify the oscillations produced in the cuff by the pulsations of the artery.
Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Screening -- An oscillometry machine detects plaque build-up which occurs as the arteries in the legs narrow and harden (atherosclerosis).
Arterial Stiffness Index (ASI) Screening -- Also measured through automated oscillometry, ASI screening results provide specific data regarding arterial hardening, missed heartbeats, arrhythmias, blood pressure, and pulse patterns.
also uses advanced computer oscillometry capable of measuring the stiffness of one's arteries (Arterial Stiffness Index or ASI), a very accurate predictor of heart disease.
Impulse Oscillometry data were collected in 2006-2008 at Western Sky Medical Research Clinic from 112 Anglo and Hispanic asthmatic and non-asthmatic children residing in the El Paso, Texas area.
Impulse Oscillometry is a patient-friendly test that has been proven to be more sensitive than Spirometry in clinical settings.
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Ivashikina, "Sensitivity impulse oscillometry and spirometry for assessment degree of severity of bronchial asthma in preschool children" 2009.
Reference values for respiratory system impedance by using impulse oscillometry in children aged2-11 years.
The VMAX ENCORE also offers Impulse Oscillometry (IOS), a VIASYS proprietary technology.
The LifeShirt along with two other measures of lung function, spirometry and forced oscillometry, will be evaluated as potentially promising "endpoints" for clinical trials in this age group.