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1. pertaining to the correction of deformities of the musculoskeletal system.
2. pertaining to orthopedics.


, orthopedic (ōr'thō-pē'dik),
Relating to orthopedics.


/or·tho·pe·dic/ (-pe´dik) pertaining to the correction of deformities of the musculoskeletal system; pertaining to orthopedics.


Refers to surgery on the supporting structures of the body-bones, joints, ligaments, muscles.
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Relating to orthopedics.
Synonym(s): orthopaedic.

orthopedic (ôr´thōpē´dik),

adj pertaining to the correction of abnormal form or relationship of bone structures. May be accomplished surgically (orthopedic surgery) or by the application of appliances to stimulate changes in the bone structure by natural physiologic response (orthopedic therapy). Orthodontic therapy is orthopedic therapy applied through the teeth.


pertaining to orthopedics.

orthopedic implant
see implant.

Patient discussion about orthopedic

Q. Can flat feet be repaired by surgery? I have flat feet and I’m looking for all sorts of treatments for it- I heard there is a surgery for it- is it helpful?

A. As far as I know- they don’t treat flat feet that are asymptomatic. So first of all check if it bothers you. secondly there are 2 kinds of flat feet- rigid and flexible. There are different and treated differently. Not always a surgery (which is very painful and costly) is needed– I went to a Rolf method therapist by the advice of my orthopedic and it’s much better now. Ask an orthopedic.

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