orthogonal radiographs

or·thog·o·nal ra·di·o·graphs

(ōr-thog'ŏ-năl rā'dē-ō-grafs)
Two radiographs imaged 90 degrees apart; used in planning the treatment process for radiation.
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The seed is deposited in or adjacent to the targeted lesion through the needle, and position is confirmed on 2 view orthogonal radiographs.
Two standard orthogonal radiographs were taken of all samples by using a Kodak Directview Classic CR System (Carestream, Rochester, NY, USA) with a consistent film focus distance of 100 cm and an exposure of 50 kVp and 3.
Keywords: Eccentric radiographs, endodontics, gold standard, orthogonal radiographs, reproducibility
The scores based on the orthogonal radiographs and the photographs of the segmented roots (42 cases) were compared and differences for parameters 2 and 4, respectively were tested using Wilcoxon signed-rank test, whereas the percentage agreement between the scores was calculated for parameter 1.
A comparison between the orthogonal and mesio-angulated radiographs for question one showed agreement in 78% of the cases; the score was higher for the orthogonal radiographs in 10% of the cases, whereas a higher score was seen for the eccentric radiographs in 12% of the cases.
However, what may appear as adequate on CT images to a radiologist may not be acceptable because fiducial tracking is obtained using orthogonal radiographs, from which digitally reconstructed radiographs are made.
The positions of these guide-wires were checked on orthogonal radiographs (Fig.
Additional orthogonal radiographs were taken to verify head position.
All of the surface replacement heads were within 20% of their intended experimental positions as determined by orthogonal radiograph measurements (Table 2).
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