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the branch of dentistry concerned with growth and development of orofacial structures, including irregularities of teeth, malocclusion, and associated facial problems.


That branch of dentistry concerned with the correction and prevention of irregularities and malocclusion of the teeth.
[ortho- + G. odous, tooth]


(ôr′thə-dŏn′shə) or




Branch of dentistry concerned with correction and prevention of irregularities and malocclusion of the teeth.
Synonym(s): dental orthopedics, orthodontia.
[ortho- + G. odous, tooth]

orthodontics, orthodontia

that branch of dentistry concerned with irregularities of teeth and malocclusion.
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Dental Dental care, such as Includes services of services examinations, cleaning, general dentists, dental bridges, crowns, dentures, hygienists, technicians, orthodontia, root canals, and surgeons; and x rays.
Who will pay for summer camp or orthodontia for the children?
The trend has extended to $5,000 dog houses that look like mini Airstream trailers, cosmetic orthodontia, depression medication, even testicular implants that mask a neutering procedure.
Of course, of course, he replied to the therapist's nodding, it's what we do, we marry and make money for the mortgage, we keep the kids in orthodontia and Oshkosh, we're accomplices in our own abandonment.
Section 2 gives an overview of the medical and dental condition and disorders that can make playing absolutely miserable: acid reflux disease and excessive salivation (water brash), allergies (food and skin), Bell's palsy, beta blockers (for performance anxiety), burning mouth syndrome, burning lips syndrome, canker sores, cold sores, cracked or chapped lips, dry mouth, embouchure dystonia, facial neuralgias (glossopharyngeal and trigeminal), non-playing related lip swelling, sleep apnea (surgical treatment for), temporal mandibular joint disorder (TMJ), traumatic lip injuries, dental conditions and procedures, adult orthodontia, bone abuses, dental bonding and dental overlays, gum disease, wisdom teeth, traumatic loss of teeth, natural and herbal remedies.
A GMRP generally provides at least some limited coverage of many medical expenses, including coinsurance payments, prescription drug costs, health insurance deductibles, pre-existing conditions, private duty nursing, and dental and orthodontia, among other common medically-necessary and physician-ordered expenses.
People who have to buy orthodontia and pay tuition cannot be excessively dainty about timing.
INVISIBLE ORTHODONTIA Maybe natural selection and the human tendency to favor mates with symmetrical features explain why straight teeth have been coveted for centuries.
Since the dental plan does not have a patient's full medical record, medical conditions that impact treatment choices, such as the presence of braces or other orthodontia, should be noted.
35) Finally, unless complications arise, (36) a common cold, the flu, earaches, an upset stomach, minor ulcers, headaches other than migraine, routine dental or orthodontia problems, and periodontal disease are additional examples of conditions that are not considered serious health conditions that qualify a person for FMLA leave.