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or·phan pro·ducts

drugs, biologicals, and medical devices (including diagnostic in vitro tests) that may be useful in either common or rare diseases but that are not considered commercially viable.
Synonym(s): orphan drugs
A minor child permanently bereft through death, disappearance, abandonment or desertion, separation or loss of both parents, who must be cared for by another, usually an adult, an agency, or who becomes wards of the state
Frequency Globally, orphans represent 7.6% of all children; China is lowest at < 1%; Africa is highest at 12%
Half orphan A child who has lost one parent
Maternal orphan A child who has lost the mother
Paternal orphan A child who has lost the father
Double orphan A child who has lost both parents


Social medicine A person, usually a dependent child, whose parents have died or are presumed dead and thus must be cared for by another person or agency


a newborn animal without a dam.

orphan virus
usually enteroviruses, that have no known disease attributed to them.

Patient discussion about orphan

Q. What do we do with her? She is an orphan and has only uncle and aunt who don’t want her. I am living with my roommate for the past 1 year. Something strange and new is happening these days. She wanders off somewhere, leaving me guessing. She won’t tell me where or for what purpose she goes. Someone`s valuables are often found in her bag. I am sure it’s been stolen by her. Her contacts with boys have increased and she is regularly going out with them. When I tried to advise her, she started her activities again but on a discreet note. I don’t know what’s happening. Nowadays she remains depressed and sad. She sleeps a lot. She has stopped going for her classes after she had a fight with our classmate. What do we do with her? She is an orphan and has only uncle and aunt who don’t want her.

A. she is a student? if so- any college or university has a psychologist standing by and ready to help in those kind of cases. if not- be a good friend. talk to her, try to show her that her life changed very fast in a very extreme way and she may need help. a psychiatrist maybe..
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As per the study, spending on orphan drugs in the U.
He highlighted the Organization's ongoing projects and initiatives aimed at helping these orphans, targeting the productive families, construction of family homes for orphans, orphans empowerment, Eid clothing and schoolbags, calling on everyone to continue to support these projects and sponsor more orphans and poor families in Yemen and other countries, QNA reported.
State Minister said that Sweet Home has been established in Attock for the orphans sponsored by Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal and now efforts will be made to interlink Aghosh and Sweet Home to serve the orphans in a better way.
The Orphan Works Directive requires Member States to include a new exception to the reproduction right and the right of making a work available to the public in respect of orphan works.
Manage expectations: Sales forecasts for the orphan drug market at the product, therapy area, molecule type, &amp; peer set level for the period 2011-17.
All those in the Orphans Dormitory wait for Eid impatiently, he said, lamenting that they didn't receive funds from the dormitory or from the government to buy Eid clothes.
The Orphan Drug designation is very valuable for the rFVIIIFc project as it allows European Medicine Agency (EMA) fee reduction, protocol scientific advice, and gives market exclusivity once the product is approved and receives orphan status, said Peter Edman, chief scientific officer of Swedish Orphan Biovitrum.
In December 2008, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum obtained the global exclusive rights to Kineret from Amgen for rheumatoid arthritis as currently indicated in its label.
On the other hand, the orphan may be negatively predisposed toward the company and agents, in general, due to frustration with unmet expectations and lack of contact or service.
The most vulnerable Iraqi today -- the orphan -- demands our most immediate attention," said Jeremy Kohomban, president and CEO of Children's Village.
AIDS is still stigmatized in Africa, and orphans suffer most.
has announced that the Commission of the European Communities has designated Surfaxin(r) as an Orphan Medicinal Product.