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A term that refers to the patterning of the scutum (gray or white markings on a dark background) in ixodid ticks.
[L. ornatus, decorated]
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She has been impressive on both starts and has loads of speed, but at the prices Ornate is preferred.
The entrance hall offers access to all principal reception rooms, with an original tiled floor, Minton-tiled walls to dado height, ornate coving and a large sweeping staircase to the first floor.
Ms McKeown said: "We originally sold ornate French-style mirrors then expanded into furniture and then chandeliers.
ZENA SAYS: This style of bed is usually ornate with a distressed finish.
The renovations include two unique 6'x14' ornate bronze murals as well as two brand new 21st century security desks/visitor centers for the North and South sides of the building.
Greater Manchester Police last night warned the public to watch out for sales of ornate jewellery.
At the moment it looks a certainty that the park will close at dusk so Clr Khan's idea of the ornate lamps being used in the park is silly.
The second option is to go for a more eclectic look by mixing ornate white wooden furniture such as the romance range (www.
The first section, dealing with Jarred's desert home and companions, moves at an excruciatingly slow pace, and Dart-Thornton's overly ornate language both contributes to the pace and may prove an obstacle for some readers.
With the magnificent building constructed from red sandstone, the purpose-built Argyll Motor Works HQ was as ornate on the inside as it was on the outside with its stunning hall and ornate staircase crafted in coloured marble.
Artists from Southern California and beyond will converge on downtown Pasadena to draw ornate chalk creations covering approximately two city blocks.
When Joanna Kotze and Kathryn Sanders enter, the ornate curlicues they fashion with their arms and hands, as they travel randomly forward and backward through the rows and around the posts, present a radical contrast to the precise alignment of the poles.