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1. To bring into being; create.
2. To come into being; start.

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Q. At what age can alcoholism begin? My son is 13. He drinks too much. every day he drinks, sometimes more than one time each day. can it be alcoholism already, so young? what can I do to stop this?

A. I agree with all the answers that have been given to you, stop being a friend & start being a parent, thats a start, getting him in somewhere before it's too late is the second step, you don't it will only get worse, pretending the talk will do it, no way it won't, no matter what in the end he will thank you & always be your son & friend but you as the parent have to get him professional help now, I wouldn't wait. Donna

Q. where does the chinese medicine origin from?

A. from trial and error of 5000 years...because the chines people are a very dedicated people- they perfected it to an art. not all the arguments they bring to the success of a treatment make sense, but if it works it doesn't really matters no? but then again- it also doesn't mean you should go and be a chines medicine freak..

Q. Why do litlle kids' nose's begin to bleed?

A. A nose starts to bleed when one of the small veins in its lining bursts. This is usually caused by something completely harmless, such as the child picking their nose, blowing it too hard or having their nose knocked while playing. Another reason could be that the child has pushed something inside their nose. Some children have veins that are closer to the mucous membrane of their nose than other children. Because the veins are very close to the skin, they are more likely to burst when the child picks, blows or rubs their nose, or plays rough games.

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The substantiality of contributions reflected is a mix of originative and innovative scientists who has devoted their life in the field of endocrinology and metabolic diseases.
Aristotle elaborates on the originative source of the all.
The difficulty, then, is how to reconcile that originative asymmetry with anything like the forms of reciprocity or mutuality central to a liberal conception of the socius.
In India tourism boards are attracting the consumers through their originative and aggressive marketing campaigns, even in the little marketed regions like Chhattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal.
37) In other words, what is derivative from actual life, such as class relations or monetary systems, present themselves as originative in ideology.
These may be described as originative or foundational experiences, since a long history of human worship and understanding of God traces back to each of them.
When the historians of technology first began to revolt against "the linear model" and its view of science as originative source, as unmoved mover, of technological progress, they were setting themselves against prejudices deeply entrenched in modern culture .
Originative: Beyond simply building a product, originative students develop seminal ideas that provide the foundation for the work of others.
That "event," then, was not the making of a painting, but more a creative or originative act that materialized the emotional and intellectual energy of the painter.
Here I go along with Habermas "Thus, Derrida achieves an inversion of Husserlian Foundationalism inasmuch as the originative transcendental power of creative subjectivity passes over into the anonymous, history-making productivity of writing [language].
al-Assad spoke of the difference between excellence in studying and distinguished thinking and performance, stressing that creative and originative ways of thinking are very important for overcoming the challenges.