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To orient.
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However, with the Fiat Stilo filling the vacancy as the highest new entry and the Peugeot 307 and the Renault Megane both up two places, it seems the trend is away from girlie cars and towards more family orientated vehicles, says AutoPlanet.
The system is flexible: I would have studied English literature, mathematics (with statistics), German, economics and French whereas my mother, who is arts orientated, would probably have chosen French, History and Latin.
2 Orientated Diversified Strategy of Trade Companies 4 Listed Companies 4.
An inline scroll feeder and star wheel, which are designed to separate and position the empty pucks in front of the unscrambler orientation chutes to continually feed the orientated containers directly into the indexed pucks.
Principal office spaces are orientated to face north and south, so minimizing penetration of direct sunlight.
The new owners of Hazlewood have pledged to turn the business into a "lean, mean, growth orientated machine" over the next 12 to 18 months.
The flats are north-south orientated, with living and dining areas located on the south side and the bedrooms to the north.
Zurich intends to take a more customer orientated approach and generate efficiencies along the value chain
With it open and orientated east-west, almost the whole space is thrown together as a spruce-lined studio cavern, with the kitchen separated to the south.
3 kilometres of base line, orientated at 310 degrees.
Forsthuber wanted to make a building that would act as a centre for kids and youth', in an area where local recreational facilities are politically orientated, and resources offered by schools are often eschewed.
The rest of the site, no less US orientated than when we looked last, seems a tad tired.