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To orient.
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Ethnocentric Orientated (Asian, Black - African roots, Hispanic, Interracial & Inter-Cultural);
The system is flexible: I would have studied English literature, mathematics (with statistics), German, economics and French whereas my mother, who is arts orientated, would probably have chosen French, History and Latin.
2 Orientated Diversified Strategy of Trade Companies 4 Listed Companies 4.
Vasquali's model RC PT-10 capping machine functions on the same principle of feeding the puck as the filling section, however, because of the push in cap design the orientated cap is fed into the top of the container from above using a rotary pick and place movement.
The new owners of Hazlewood have pledged to turn the business into a "lean, mean, growth orientated machine" over the next 12 to 18 months.
The flats are north-south orientated, with living and dining areas located on the south side and the bedrooms to the north.
3 kilometres of base line, orientated at 310 degrees.
With it open and orientated east-west, almost the whole space is thrown together as a spruce-lined studio cavern, with the kitchen separated to the south.
Forsthuber wanted to make a building that would act as a centre for kids and youth', in an area where local recreational facilities are politically orientated, and resources offered by schools are often eschewed.
IPF supports the motivation and creativity of its entire team with continuous qualification proAgrams through their headquarters and development centre in Friedrichsdorf Germany outside of Frankfurt where they develop optimum engineering solutions, which are future orientated, flexible and adaptable for further needs.
The rest of the site, no less US orientated than when we looked last, seems a tad tired.
Incorporating widespread support for Service Orientated Architecture (SOA), the new release further simplifies the process of integrating a centralized product management catalog at the heart of the CSP enterprise - enabling service providers to rapidly provide customer-driven, on-demand product and service delivery.