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, organogenic (ōr'gă-nō-jĕ-net'ik, -jen'ik),
Relating to organogenesis.


, organogenic (ōr'gă-nō-jĕ-net'ik, -jen'ik)
Relating to organogenesis.
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Tooth agenesis or hypodontia is another anomaly organogenetic which is the absence of one or more teeth due to lack of training.
Mercier et al (2003), evaluating the in vitro organogenetic response of pineapple leaves in medium without the supplementation of plant regulators, verified that the endogenous balance of auxin and cytokinin in the third day of cultivation reduced, whereas at 15, a similar balance occurred between the control group and the medium supplemented with plant regulators, which could only have happened by the endogenous synthesis of these regulators.
All these events occur at advanced organogenetic stages during the embryonic-larval transition period, suggesting the presence of osmoregulatory mechanisms at early stages of amphibian development, even when the specific structures are not fully developed.