organic mental disorders

organic mental disorders (OMD),

a DSM-IV class of psychiatric disorders characterized by progressive deterioration of the mental processes and caused by permanent brain damage or temporary brain dysfunction.
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Among 1392 consultations from different departments, 347 (25%) consultations were diagnosed as organic mental disorders, including 127 cases with dementia and 61 with delirium.
It excluded patients with affective and organic mental disorders or drug-induced or alcohol-induced psychoses.
The first consideration should be given to organic mental disorders in evaluation of sudden onset of abnormal behavior, changes in mood, thoughts, or cognitive functions.
In our study total 08% (35) cases suffered from organic mental disorders due to one or other cause.
In etiological studies of the Cotard syndrome, the disorder was found to be related with organic mental disorders such as psychotic major depression, schizophrenia, epilepsy, encephalitis and pre-senility (9).
He also provides cases of eating and impulse control disorders, disorders with violence, disorders of childhood and adolescence, and organic mental disorders and mental retardation.
DSM-IV discards the term organic disorders, stating that it "incorrectly implies that non organic mental disorders do not have a biological basis"
Organic mental disorders caused by HIV: Update on early diagnosis and treatment.
These individuals suffer from many types of mental illness, including adjustment disorders, organic mental disorders, affective disorders and psychosis.
Although it is widely believed that most organic mental disorders in patients seen in primary care settings go undetected, undiagnosed, and untreated, (1,2) routine use of mental status questionnaires in everyday office practice is not the solution to this problem.
02 Organic Mental Disorders (Psychological or behavioral abnormalities associated with a dysfunction of the brain.

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