organic catalyst

or·gan·ic cat·a·lyst

1. Synonym(s): enzyme, ribozyme
2. a catalyst that is an organic molecule.
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ENVIRO-PRIME EPIC automotive electrocoat (e-coat) featuring a patented organic catalyst and AEROCRON 2100 aerospace electrocoat primer are among the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year, according to judges for the 54th annual awards.
When converting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into a sugar, plants use an organic catalyst called an enzyme; the researchers used a metal compound called tungsten diselenide, which they fashioned into nanosized flakes to maximize the surface area and to expose its reactive edges.
Yeast is an organic catalyst that was known even to prehistoric humanity, but yeast is a living organism.
Its proprietary organic catalyst also ensures sustainability by providing a low-temperature cure capability without negative environmental impact.
A case study at the conference will also focus on the use of non-toxic biodegradable bio - organic catalysts and new technological breakthroughs.
The organic catalysts are mixed with chemical compounds to produce substances useful to industry.
The plant will use a new line of organic catalysts, the discovery of which was announced recently by IBM's Almaden Research Center and Stanford University.
The discovery of substances such as diastase (see 1833) and pepsin (see 1836), which were organic catalysts but nonliving, turned the attention of chemists to yeast.