oral sex

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oral sex

STD Sexual activity in which buccolingual mucosa contacts a partner's genital or anal mucosa–eg, cunnilingus, fellatio. See High-risk sex, Safe sex.


(seks) [L. sexus, sex]
1. The characteristics that differentiate males and females in most plants and animals.
2. Gender.

chromosomal sex

Sex as determined by the presence of the female XX or male XY genotype in somatic cells.

commercial sex

Engaging in sexual practices to earn money or other economic benefits.

morphological sex

The sex of an individual as determined by the form of the external genitalia.

nuclear sex

The genetic sex of an individual determined by the absence or presence of sex chromatin in the body cells, particularly white blood cells.

oral sex

Cunnilingus; fellatio.

psychological sex

The individual's self-image of his or her gender, which may be at variance with the morphological sex.

safe sex

, safer sex
The practice of protecting oneself and one's partner(s) (as much as one can) from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, syphilis, herpesviruses, hepatitis viruses, and HIV, or from unwanted pregnancy. Some experts find the term to be unsatisfactory, maintaining that all forms of sexual behavior carry some risk or infection, injury, or pregnancy. Safe or safer sexual practices involve avoiding contact with one's partner's blood or body fluids, e.g., seminal fluid, by wearing condoms during any form of oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse. The risks of transmitting STDs may be further classified as follows: Safer: Celibacy; masturbation; dry kissing; masturbation of a partner on healthy, intact skin; oral sex with use of a condom; touching; fantasy. Possibly Safe: Condom-protected vaginal or anal intercourse. Risky: Wet kissing, oral sex (without a dental dam or latex or plastic barrier or condom), masturbation of a woman without a latex barrier or use of latex gloves, masturbation on open or broken skin, and unprotected sex of any kind.


Alcohol and psychoactive drugs may impair one's judgment regarding the practice of safe sex, resulting in engagement in risky sexual activities. If either partner has evidence of any infection, condoms should always be used even though failure rates for condoms vary from 2% to 12%, depending on the user's skill and experience. Any person having casual sexual contacts should avoid anal intercourse even with a condom because of the high risk of this type of sexual activity and the low but finite risk of condom failure.

survival sex

Engaging in sexual intercourse to secure basic human needs (food, clothing, or shelter).

oral sex

Any sexual activity in which the mouth is substituted for the vagina. One consequence of this practice is the confusion between the strains of the virus herpes responsible for oral and genital herpes. Formerly, these were, respectively herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2. The matter is no longer so simple.

Patient discussion about oral sex

Q. is it normal to be addiected to oral sex men eating me out

A. in an experiment they did on mice, they inserted an electrode to the pleasure area in the mouse's brain and every time he hit a certain pedal- it sent an electrical charge and aroused the pleasure area in the brain.
the mouse didn't care about food, females and nothing else. he just continued to push the pedal like crazy until he died.
we are addicted to pleasure too. what ever arouses your pleasure areas in the brain.

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Accordingly, 67% of women sometimes enjoyed vaginal sex, while the rate for anal, receiving oral and giving oral sex were 17.
For this study, we examined data from a sample of predominantly ethnic minority (Latino and black) public middle school students in areas with high rates of teenage births and STDs, to identify the prevalence of oral sex and sexual intercourse, and of certain risk and protective behaviors of sexually experienced students--overall and by gender, race, ethnicity and grade.
Think of oral sex as safer sex, rather than safe sex.
Whites were most likely to have engaged in oral sex at 50%, followed by Hispanics (45%).
A YES, it is possible for either partner to become infected with HIV through performing or receiving oral sex.
The reasons and "solutions" for the situation were expressed by the religion, family life and sexuality consultant with the Waterloo Catholic School Board, who stated: "Increasingly, younger students are engaging in oral sex because they are reaching puberty sooner.
About 26% have had oral sex, 26% have had vaginal intercourse, and another 8% have had oral sex without intercourse.
While the likelihood of the virus's transmission isn't as high during oral sex as during vaginal or anal sex, there are cases in which the virus has been transmitted this way.
Media reports increasingly suggest that as conventional teen dating and romance plunge, oral sex and casual sexual "hookups" among so-called "friends with benefits" have become commonplace.
THE TEENAGE ORAL sex panic began in the late 1990S.
Some time ago it was reported here that a barely eighteen boy in Kansas had been convicted for having consensual oral sex with another boy only slightly younger than himself, but technically a minor.
The guidelines of the abstinence-only curriculum certainly do not consider oral sex acceptable behavior for unmarried persons, but it is an act Jones says the curious young adults are "obsessed with.