hydration status

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hydration status

refers to body fluid levels. euhydration the normal state of body water content (typically about 40 litres). hypohydration reduced total body water which may develop by the process of dehydration due to excessive sweating under exercise heat stress. Athletes may lose 2-6% body weight during prolonged exercise. Hypohydration is detrimental to both exercise performance and health and should be prevented by provision of fluids to match water loss. In several sports (e.g. boxing, power lifting, wrestling) athletes may purposely induce dehydration to achieve weight loss prior to competition. hyperhydration increased total body water. It has been proposed that prior hyperhydration may improve thermoregulation during exercise heat stress, but studies have had inconsistent results. See also water balance.


the absorption of or combination with water.

hydration status
the status of the fluid-electrolyte balance in a patient.
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It can be easily treated by oral rehydration fluids if taken early.
When McBain arrived at the ETC on January 19, she found the staff--as at most of the other 31 ETCs in the country--were relying solely on oral rehydration fluids and intensive care therapies.
By drinking oral rehydration fluids (available from pharmacies), you can reduce the risks of dehydration.