oral region

or·al re·gion

the region of the face including the lips and mouth.
Synonym(s): regio oralis [TA]

or·al re·gi·on

(ōrăl rējŏn) [TA]
Facial area comprising lips and mouth.
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To determine the pattern of HPV acquisition and persistence in the oral region, researchers evaluated the HPV infection status in oral mouthwash samples collected as part of the HIM Study, which was originally designed to evaluate the natural history of genital HPV infections in healthy men.
Our case described painful aphthous lesions in the oral region occurring three times a month, which would recover in two weeks.
The NuTorque features a brushless motor weighing less than 99 grams, permitting the dental professional to maneuver comfortably and effectively throughout the oral region.
For the fourth edition, the title has been changed from the original Cysts of the Oral Region to better reflect the text's scope and the material has been updated in accord with the expanded literature of the field, particularly in reference to the odontogenic keratocyst.
Capillary lymphangioma are cutaneous lesions that commonly affect the oral region.
The American Cancer Society recommends an examination for cancer of the oral region every 3 years for people aged 20-39 years and annually for those aged 40 and older.
Certain forms of cartilage and bone structures in the region of the head of the tadpoles are among the frogs' 'innovations' - these structures seen in the oral region enable the tadpoles to chip vegetarian food from the soil and from stones or to filter it from the water.
Current oral and maxillofacial surgery techniques, notes Alfaro (director, Maxillofacial Institute, Teknon Medical Center, Spain), allow harvesting of bone from different locations in the body in order to reconstruct defective areas in the oral region.
Pathogenic and free-living protozoa cultured from the naso-pharyngeal and oral regions of dental patients.