optimum temperature

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op·ti·mum tem·per·a·ture

the temperature at which any operation, such as the culture of any special microorganism, is best carried on.

optimum temperature

The temperature at which a procedure is best carried out, such as the culture of a given organism or the action of an enzyme.
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The optimum temperature for the free and immobilized LX-1 [alpha]-galactosidase was 40[degrees]C (Figure 5).
The reciprocals of the time to germination were plotted to estimate the optimum temperature, at which the rate of germination was maximum (To).
TB means tea bag, BT is brewing time, C is milk (C for Cravendale - they sponsored the research), PC is perfect cuppa and OT is optimum temperature.
A major contributing factor was Massa's difficulty in getting his tyres up to their optimum temperature - a problem he should not have with this year's Pirelli rubber - and given the promise shown by the new Ferrari in testing there is every reason to expect a significantly better year for the Brazilian.
Is was assessed during the heating phase at optimum temperature at dwell time for 1 to 5 minutes.
The optimum temperature for coral reefs is between 25 and 32 Celsius, he
Those polled said their optimum temperature for a dream holiday would be 28C (82F), with most settling for a private villa.
Generally, the optimum temperature range inside the printer should be 70[degrees] to 77[degrees]F (21[degrees] to 25[degrees]C).
This means less energy is required to maintain the optimum temperature for catalytic reactions, thereby reducingCO2 emissions and contributing to energy conservation.
The Indesit Prime fridge freezer ensures that your frozen food is always stored at the optimum temperature.

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