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Most favourable or desirable.

optimal (op´timəl),

adj the best or most favorable.
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0 can now deliver multiple solutions, not just a single best solution, for integer programming and global optimization problems.
The contribution of various CAE technologies used for this project (automatic shape optimization, CAD, casting simulation and rapid prototyping) can best be measured by the short time spent to complete the project.
Our track record for optimizing complex global supply chain networks, combined with our supply chain design software will extend Optiant's position as the leader in supply chain planning and inventory optimization.
Set-up the optimization problem, including the definition of the baseline problem and a description of the component geometry (finite element, finite difference mesh, material properties, etc.
and an investigator in the QuickOpt clinical trial, authored the manuscript published in the JCE (Study Title: Acute Evaluation of Programmer-Guided AV/PV and VV Delay Optimization Comparing an IEGM Method and Echocardiogram for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Heart Failure Patients and Dual-Chamber ICD Implants).
delivers the leading Interconnect Business Optimization (IBO) and settlement software solutions, providing telecommunications companies with the ability to easily manage costs and drive profitability on their interconnect networks.
The PROS mission is to maximize the revenue of each client using PROS' world-leading revenue optimization science, enterprise profit optimization, and pricing optimization solutions.
PROS remains the world leader in pricing analytics and profit optimization solutions because of our 20 year history in pricing.
Company Announces Industry's Most Scalable Broadband Services Optimization Solution
HOUSTON -- PROS, the world's leader in pricing and revenue optimization science and software, and the pioneer and dominant provider of revenue optimization to the travel and transportation industry, today announced the impending release of the newest version of PROS O&D, the leading origin-destination revenue management solution for the airline industry.

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