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An instrument for measuring high degrees of heat, beyond the capacity of a mercury or gas thermometer.
[pyro- + G. metron, measure]


(pī-rŏm′ĕ-tĕr) [″ + metron, measure]
A device for measuring a very high temperature.

pyrometer (pīrom´ətur),

n an instrument for measuring temperature by the change of electrical resistance within a thermocouple. It is a millivoltometer calibrated in degrees of temperature.


instrument for measuring the intensity of heat when this is beyond the range of the mercury thermometer.
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This report describes the market trends, drivers, and challenges with respect to the Thermocouples and Optical Pyrometers Market and forecasts the market to 2020.
Major players in this Thermocouples and Optical Pyrometers market include Honeywell International Inc.
The penetration rate of Thermocouples and Optical Pyrometers in the steel industry, glass industry, and petrochemical industry is very high due to the contribution made by these devices in achieving critical objectives; in particular, those related to safety, security, energy efficiency and higher yield rate.
Engelhard Corporation has launched a new line of optical pyrometers based on breakthrough technology that provides significant advantages in the processing of semiconductor wafers and integrated circuits (ICs).
Optical pyrometers, multizone heater banks and computerized, self-teaching control systems ensure precise control of process.
Precise control of the process is made possible with optical pyrometers, multizone heater banks and computerized self-teaching control systems.
The new machines will offer optical pyrometers to measure surface temperature of the sheet, and Allen-Bradley or Square D microprocessor controls.

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