optic laser

optic laser, optic maser

See laser.
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ISLAMABAD -- Researchers have proposed blasting the space debris out of orbit with a fiber optic laser, in order to combat the increasing amount of miscellaneous trash orbiting around the planet.
Director Peter Douglass said: "We are one of the first companies in the North East to have a fibre optic laser.
They are also creating components with fibre optic laser cutting technology in the university's state-of-the-art workshop.
The LandSafe system is being produced by Rockwell Collins and Optical Air Data Systems LLC, which seized on commercial off-the-shelf fiber optic laser technology that "senses through" snow, rain, dust, smoke or fog, according to a spokesman.
According to Narrow Web Sales Manager David Lanska, "This growth is due in part to the success of our HQP Fiber Optic laser engraving technology, which offers our customers the ultimate in durability and performance.
He said the four kilowatt flying optic laser machine had its own loading tower which enabled the company to keep production going throughout the weekend.
So, along with a small amount of alcohol, a fiber optic laser is inserted into the vein, where it gives off a green-colored light, which is absorbed selectively by anything red, such as blood vessels.
At first glance, the vital link between the digital baseband unit (DU) and the remote radio unit (RRU) appears to be a typical industry standard fiber optic connection that uses standard small form factor pluggable (SFP/SFP+) fiber optic laser modules in a Base Transceiver Station system, as shown in Exhibit 1 below.
He recently completed the third generation of his apparatus - a bed with an array of fibre optic laser lights and detectors mounted within a hole where the patient places her breast.
Most recently, Stork has once again demonstrated its technology leadership role by developing and introducing to the industry HQP Fiber Optic laser engraving technology (Fig.
The laser probe will be a total width of one millimetre and will contain a fibre optic laser cable a quarter of a millimetre in thickness.