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Some reports indicated that NET formation was increased when microorganisms were opsonized with autologous serum and also that antigen-antibody complexes seemed to be capable of inducing NET formation.
In order to explore whether cross-linking of Fc receptors by a more natural stimulus could also induce NET formation, PMN were mixed with opsonized latex particles.
As a preliminary experiment, when human whole blood samples were exposed with lower concentrations of NP, significant enhancements of ROS generation were observed in the presence of a low concentration of a typical inflammatory stimulant, opsonized zymosan (Table 5).
In a separate experiment, typical neutrophil stimulants such as opsonized zymosan, N-formylmethionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine, and phorbol myristate acetate showed much higher ROS generation in human neutrophils than in whole blood.
At the same time, the engulfment percentage of opsonized and unopsonized SRBCs was also calculated as per formula:
An average of 200 macrophages was counted as adherent and the engulfment percentage of opsonized and unopsonized SRBCs co-incubation was calculated.
blazei structures, opsonized with human serum in vitro.
The aliquot of the opsonized ABP-F suspension thus obtained was spread on slide glasses and air-dried.
In the oxidative burst activity experiments, upon stimulation with unlabeled opsonized bacteria (E.
After addition of 10 [micro]l opsonized zymosan, the measurement was initiated and finished after 60 min.
This novel type of assay uses the priming effects of complement opsonized immune complexes on the respiratory burst activity of neutrophils as an analytical platform.