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Stock - 60# White paper stock must match minimum specifications of paper thickness, sizing and reflectability to be read by ScantronA Opscan 6 Machine and interpreted with ScantoolsA Plus software with 100% reliability.
These data are based upon the actual number of completed opscan answer sheets forwarded from programs and scanned into the database.
The SelfScore cartridge enables the OpScan 3 to score up to 34 tests per minute, and answer sheets for tests containing up to 200 questions can be read and scored in one pass.
The OpScan 3 scanner with the SelfScore cartridge is the ideal tool to supplement the classroom teacher in grading and record keeping.
Schools have been implementing Performance Plus with an NCS OpScan 5 Model 20 OMR machine for four years.
At Texarkana's Arkansas High School, period-by-period attendance is now scanned using an NCS OpScan 5 scanner.
All grades were processed using the OpScan 5 scanner and the CIMS III Student Grading System, which merged attendance data for reporting purposes.
The first is the OpScan 7 from National Computer Systems (NCS).
Francis Zuraski, the administrative assistant for the school district, has been using Bubble Publishing with NCS' OpScan 5 and Victoria, Minn.
Their newest model, the OpScan 5, offers simultaneous data transfer between the scanner and a computer with a document throughput (transport) rate of 3,000 sheets per hour.