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nursing Acts of subjugation or coercion related to decisions about health care.
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Individuals who gain this awareness do so out of an acute appreciation of their own location and the locations of others in social structural arrangements that privilege some and oppress others (Goodman, 2001; Weber, 2009).
The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.
Summary: Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt said Monday that the Syrian people will have no mercy for those who oppress and murder them in the name of Palestine and the resistance.
We neither want to oppress anybody nor be oppressed because we are Lebanese citizens who wish the best for all Lebanese alike," he said.
At present, everywhere in the world that Islam and any other religious group are in contact, whether in the Philippines or Indonesia, through Malaysia, into Pakistan through the Mideast, into east Africa and the Sudan, across to Nigeria, given the opportunity, Muslims oppress, murder, violate, and destroy non-Muslim peoples.
As the School of the Americas continues to train terrorists who torture, kill and oppress the poor people who seek justice in South America, protestors are preparing their next trip to Fort Benning, Ga.
Equiano recounts that he is moved by his fellow's "artless tale," vaguely suggesting that he endorses the the ological perspective here, one that reinforces the way Christianity has frequently worked in concert with political systems that enslave and oppress by urging earthly patience and heavenly hope as a response to immediate injustice (110).
And it should be obvious that since satisfaction poses an image of submission to oppression, it consequently poses no challenge to the acts of those who oppress and exploit.
NN: I'm particularly excited to go to Mumbai to take a stand against communalism--the violent political misuse of religion to oppress minorities and women.
Accordingly, restrictions will be enforced on firms and persons supplying dual use technology to the two countries which they might use to oppress their own people.
But the prophet Isaiah chastised those who merely fasted ``because on your fast day you think only of your business, and oppress all your workers .