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The Syrian opposition represents the best advertisement for the Syrian regime as it includes honest, patriotic oppositionists who rebelled for legal causes.
88) Interestingly, there is no evidence that the communist affiliation of the leading oppositionists in the Ontario section of SWOC was ever raised as an issue in membership meetings at Sydney.
ASHARQ AL AWSAT cited unnamed Iranian oppositionist sources as saying that bloody clashes broke out in Tehran on Sunday between Ahmadinejad's supporters and others loyal to the supreme leader and a number of them were severely wounded.
Hence, the language of murder, whether with the bullets of tyranny or the spears of terrorism, is one and the same, and the assassination of oppositionist Mohamed Brahmi after Chokri Belaid in Tunisia is a warning to Ennahda Party that it should stop killing the hopes of the revolutionary youth.
all the actions against Postanjyan are inadmissible and will be perceived as encroachment upon an oppositionist politician," the statement
At this level, allow us to recall that the Egyptian army never once interfered to protect the freedom of one oppositionist, or save him from death or imprisonment, whether he was a liberal or an Islamist
Former senator Ernesto Maceda, who is running for senator under the opposition, said that it was likely that Estrada will be the next mayor of Manila as the city "has traditionally been oppositionist.
Nikol Pashinyan, an oppositionist parliamentarian representing the Armenian National Congress Faction (ANC),
The IAF and six other oppositionist parties demonstrated on Tuesday against the Dialogue Committee and the government's failure to garner prior agreement surrounding the nature of the Committee and its failure to include constitutional amendments on the agenda.
In the cases of the political assassinations including Mehdi Ben Baraka, Moussa al-Sadr, the Libyan oppositionist Kikhia, and the Lebanese former Prime Minister, Rafik al-Hariri, the investigations led nowhere and no light was shed on the dark areas because the rulers were "above the law" and because the judiciary, which is supposed to be an independent authority, was unable to approach the rulers' palace, entourage, or services.
Armenia's statistical framework is absolutely distrustful, Hrant Bagratyan, former prime minister, oppositionist MP,
The "infidel terrorist takfeeris" who recently poked with their heads to sow seeds of strife, maintain problems with practically everybody including our party and the Syrian oppositionists themselves, the deputy exclaimed.