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Down south, virtually all opossums have the trypanosome parasite that causes Chagas disease -- another nasty killer -- and theoretically people could get infected with Chagas by blood contact.
The pre-melanotic lesions did not appear until the infants had become adolescents (equivalent to early teenagers in humans), and prior experiments established that the pre-melanocytic lesions in opossums do not progress to melanomas until the animals are well into adulthood, as typically occurs in humans.
The high frequency of EH on the first and second molars suggests that weaning is a period of significant nutritional stress for young Virginia opossums, and the frequency of EH on the third molar suggests that dispersal may be a physiologically stressful time period as well.
However, the public will not get their first glimpse of the opossum until July, when the zoo opens its tropical wildlife exhibit.
South America is home to some ecologically specialized species, including the water opossum (Chironectes minimus)--the world's only semiaquatic marsupial.
Released sporocysts are ingested by birds either via direct contact with contaminated opossum feces or paratenic hosts, such as rats and cockroaches.
In addition, we analyzed the reported cases of murine typhus in Corpus Christi in relation to opossum distribution and seroprevalence.
The opossum leaves a hand-like track with its rear feet.
In addition to the North American, or Virginia, opossum, they are taking great interest in a smaller South American cousin called Monodelphis, the gray short-tailed opossum.
Nairobi Village will be alive with the sights of wildlife as trainers from the Rare and Wild America show display a variety of animals including: North American cats,, an opossum, a thick-billed parrot, a fox and a beaver.
This locality is near the Pecos River, supporting Schmidly's (1977) notion that the opossum probably occurs in the Trans-Pecos in riparian habitat associated with the Rio Grande River and now the Pecos.