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A derivative of basic amino acids, produced by crown-gall tumors in plants.
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Paul G Ariku opined that 'The system of government we operate affect the needed development we hope to see.
New Delhi [India], Nov 20 ( ANI ): NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar on Monday opined that the outlook for India's GDP is projected to be around 7.
He opined that technologies such as Ripple would enable faster cross-border payments.
Addressing the seminar, Dr Masoom Yasinzai called upon the universities to play due role in progress of the society and opined that spending on education is the best investment.
In 2017, 21% said all of it would be wasted, 39% opined 50% of it would be wasted, 28% said 25% of it would be wasted, 6% said none will be wasted.
Peripheral Artery Disease, he opined, is overlooked and under estimated saying that it is rare but on the contrary it is quite common.
The central bank opined that the banks need to increase their capital buffers soon.
The plaintiff submitted an affidavit of merit from a registered nurse who opined that Nurse Tindall breached the applicable standard of care when administering the Phenergan, and that Nurse Tindall's negligent actions proximately caused the superficial phlebitis, which resulted in a sclerotic vein in the patient's right hand.
In these pages in October 2000, Dave Hickey opined that his "penchant for erotic narrative .
The Board's General Counsel issued a July 10, 2002, opinion that opined that an FHC, under section 4(k)(4)(B) of the BHC Act, could provide as a third-party administrator certain listed services to a third-party insurance company in connection with the sale and underwriting of insurance products.
Robert Minhinnick, another of Wales's foremost contemporary poets, recently opined that Professor Curtis's recent work was "soggy.
Stephen Kramer opined that the failure to investigate and intercede in the interaction and relationship between Mason and Thomas was also a proximate cause of Mason's injuries.