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Q. What kind of Doctor is an Ophthalmologist? My 7 year old daughter has been referred by her GP to an Ophthalmologist. What kind of Doctor is it?

A. An Ophthalmologist is a Doctor who specializes in Ophthalmology. Ophthalmology, is the branch of medicine which deals with the diseases and surgery of the visual pathways, including the eye, brain, and areas surrounding the eye.

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China Resources Zizhu is a high-tech company that mainly produces family-planning, reproductive health and ophthalmologic pharmaceutical products, as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).
Mean age at diagnosis of leukemia was higher in the patients with ophthalmologic manifestations (for ALL 6.
Any patient with visual complaints plus a positive syphilis serology should undergo ophthalmologic evaluation immediately, Dr.
An immediate ophthalmologic evaluation and CSF examination is recommended for patients with syphilis and ocular complaints.
Our present study showed a much higher number of ophthalmologic abnormalities i.
In cases where license agreements are concluded based on the terms of this agreement, Santen will be able to apply in the ophthalmologic field any compounds for which efficacy, safety and other data have been accumulated, and as a result, can expect to enhance its ophthalmology pipeline and reduce the time it takes to bring the respective compounds to Phase I clinical development.
2 The patients with CCF have usually ophthalmologic signs but also non-ophthalmologic features might be seen which are nonspecific, like severe headache localized to ipsilateral orbit and pulsatile tinnitus.
The researchers conducted a literature search focused on sleep disorders and eye disease, and found a series of ophthalmologic conditions associated with obstructive sleep apnea.
The achievement was celebrated in Nicaragua, where an ophthalmologic clinic was opened in April with Cuban assistance and nearly 15,000 eye operations have been performed.
They showed that the most prevalent diseases in this sector were acute ophthalmologic diseases, followed by respiratory and allergic conditions (from 26.
Ophthalmologic findings include macular edema and blot hemorrhages (10), cotton wool spots (1), retinal vasculitis (4), exudative retinal detachment (2), and anterior uveitis (1).
Each of its six ophthalmologists brings a wealth of ophthalmologic and surgical expertise to the practice.