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In psychology and related disciplines: attentiveness, interest in new experiences, inquisitiveness, or receptivity to change.


n characteristic of energy in which individuals and the environment constantly exchange energy and matter.

Patient discussion about openness

Q. How open are you about telling people that you are bipolar? I am studying in a coed college and am high scoring and talented. Actually I am a guitarist who entertains most of my peers. So I have lots of friends. For the past 8 months I could not use my guitar because of my busy study schedule. Without music I feel very depressed. My attitude has changed. My friends started deserting me because of my depression. So I started hating life and checked with a psychiatrist who diagnosed as bipolar. I fear whether I will lose my friends. So this question is to bipolar people: How open are you about telling people that you are bipolar?

A. P.S..we all have problems,god made us all different,acept who you are,and you will be alright.

Q. what are the do and don't do of Allergic people when they go out side to the open land?

A. if seasonal allergy is what you mean -there are certain times a year that you know you get sick. try avoiding long walks in fields of blooming flowers at those times...take antihistamine with you all the time, and don't forget some tissue paper :)

Q. what is the best thing to do to eliminate or to let it be remove without surgery?I'm afraid but laser mayb ok If I can go for laser where can you suggest coz I'm jobless and can't afford to pay.Or is there some remedy that i can take to melt those stones inside my bladder then they can come out through my waste ?

A. Bladder stones, also called bladder calculi, often form when concentrated urine sits in your bladder. Bladder stones usually need to be removed. If the stone is small, your doctor may recommend that you drink an increased amount of water each day to help the stone pass. If the stone is large or doesn't pass on its own, your doctor may need to remove the stone. Bladder stones are usually removed during a procedure called a cystolitholapaxy. This is done by inserting a small tube with a camera at the end (cystoscope) through your urethra and into your bladder to view the stone. Your doctor uses a laser, ultrasound or mechanical device to break the stone into small pieces and then flushes the pieces from your bladder.
I am not familiar with the cost of such procedure.

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