open system

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o·pen sys·tem

a system in which there is a continual exchange of material, energy, and information with the environment.

open system

a system that interacts with its environment.

open system,

n a characteristic of energy fields that allows constant interchange.
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ST's Bluetooth module and chip products," said Tom Nault, chairman and CEO of Open Interface, "ensure that manufacturers are able to build cost-effective solutions that not only offer ultra-low power consumption, but also provide unsurpassed audio quality, easier application development, and scalability for multiple market segments and future multimedia applications.
The Digital Cinema Open System Alliance (DCOSA) is an industry group formed to promote greater interoperability within the digital cinema server market by establishing open interface specifications for core system components.
Open Interface North America provides customers with tools and services that enable rapid integration of Bluetooth(R) wireless functionality into medical, audio, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and communications applications.
Open Interface North America, based in Seattle is a pioneer in Bluetooth technology and one of the first associate members of the Bluetooth SIG.
With our low-cost bundled Bluetooth offering, Oki and Open Interface have set the tone for the industry, providing customers with a convenient, risk- free evaluation solution, and maximum bang for their buck," said Ike Saeed, vice president of marketing at Oki Semiconductor.
Using Renesas' Bluetooth system-on-chip solutions with the BLUEmagic[R] Bluetooth protocol stack and SOUNDabout Suite, customers can expect shorter development times and faster time to market for Bluetooth audio applications," said Greg Burns, CTO of Open Interface North America.
Oki and Open Interface are both focused on driving the adoption and development of Bluetooth solutions for a wide range of customers," said Ike Saeed, vice president of marketing at Oki Semiconductor.
We are genuinely excited about the enormous global potential in working with an esteemed and established company such as Murata Manufacturing Corporation," says Akemi Sagawa, President of Open Interface North America.
SEATTLE -- Open Interface North America, an industry leading provider of Bluetooth[R] wireless applications, will offer three dynamic demonstrations of its Bluetooth[R] audio and video solutions in two locations at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, Jan.
The CORBA open interface supports the Tellabs TITAN(TM) 5500 Element Management System (EMS) using Euristix RACEMAN(TM) technology based on Windows NT(TM).
Fujitsu is leveraging MTOSI, a TeleManagement Forum (TMF) initiative to provide a standard, open interface that facilitates ease of integration across telecommunications IT environments to deliver greater flexibility to its customers.