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2) A reconciliation of ongoing business operating profit, a non-GAAP financial measure, to reported operating profit and other important information, appears below.
Task 5 - including ongoing maintenance and maintenance engineering in 2013-2016 on national roads GDDKiA Branch in Szczecin, Szczecin-area road No.
Again, two years of being in a sustained community of teachers mutually giving value to each others' voices appears to provide a context for teacher ongoing use of reciprocity in thinking and the development of legitimacy of voice as a pathway from idea to action.
In this way, services remained need driven, and also became an integral part of our ongoing professional development.
The ongoing sanctions regime and military strikes would more likely encourage rogue elements of Iraqi intelligence or an allied terrorist group to engage in such an attack as an act of revenge for the heavy Arab casualties resulting from these policies.
Since neither is "dissolved" and both remain viable, ongoing concerns, the liabilities of both remain and are assumed by the newly formed entity of the two partners.
The attrition of area residents and apartment managers also had a negative impact on ongoing maintenance and problem-solving efforts in the area.
By providing ongoing feedback and evaluation, TQM overcomes the inherent limitations of inspection and quality or peer review and provides a system that enables practitioners to identify and exceed customer expectations.
Cybertrust is the global information security specialist, delivering services that secure critical data, protect identities and help customers demonstrate ongoing compliance.
Figure 5-2: Ongoing miRNA Research by Geography (%), 2013
Representatives from such leading corporations and institutions as Bank of America, Citigroup, the Ford Foundation, Hearst, HIP Health Plan of New York and UBS received the latest updates on ongoing High Performance Green Building and sustainability issues from the US Green Building Council and New York City Economic Development Corporation among others.
The ongoing stalemate has created traffic and safety issues in Stevenson Ranch and has deprived residents of their right to privacy and enjoyment,'' the letter stated.