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In view of the large rain shadow thrown by the Andean mountains in the Southern Cone, as they contain the perturbations originating in the Southern Pacific (see Figure 1), it is therefore only natural to find a greater extension of peatlands in Chilean territory, particularly in ombrotrophic territories or promoted by rain water.
Concentrations of Cd, Br, Sr, and Zn in peat were up to an order of magnitude higher than in ombrotrophic (air-fed) bogs elsewhere, whereas Hg and Cu concentrations were similar to those in other peats, suggesting relatively low levels of Hg and Cu in the guano.
Shotyk (1988) also include hydrological parameters to distinguish peat bogs fed exclusively by precipitation water (rain and/or snow), called ombrotrophic bogs and those influenced by water from the external limits of the basin are called minerotrophic bogs.
Stimulated growth of Betula pubescens and Molinia caerulea on ombrotrophic bogs: role of high levels of atmospheric nitrogen deposition.
flocculosa have been frequently found in ombrotrophic mires (Poulickova et al.
2+] bound to the HA fraction extracted from an ombrotrophic peat bog was greater than the amount bound to the FA fraction, and only at the highest concentration of metal ion did the amount of [Cu.
7) represent litter horizons that are believed to have been laid down in pools on the surface of an ombrotrophic forest mire that formed on an extensive low-lying coastal plain with oligotrophic soils (Ferguson et al.
Effects of nutrient addition on vegetation and carbon cycling in an ombrotrophic bog.
Carbon dioxide and methane fluxes from the ombrotrophic parts of a subarctic mire.
Proxy climate and vegetation changes during the last five millennia in NW Iberia: Pollen and non-pollen palynomorph data from two ombrotrophic peat bogs in the North Western Iberian Peninsula.
So far Estonia is not familiar with the problem of the acidification of precipitation and its impact on the ecosystem, quite the contrary: the long-term cumulative load of alkaline fly ash has deteriorated the ecosystems of ombrotrophic raised bogs [9, 10].