olivocochlear tract

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ol·i·vo·coch·le·ar tract

fibers that originate from the periolivary nuclei bilaterally, exit the brianstem on the vestibular nerve, join the cochlear nerve in the inner ear, and terminate on outer hair cells.


Grant L., U.S. neuroanatomist, 1904–.
Rasmussen encephalitis - antibodies to a stimulatory glutamate receptor in the CNS are found and are perhaps autoimmune. Synonym(s): Rasmussen syndrome
Rasmussen syndrome - Synonym(s): Rasmussen encephalitis
bundle of Rasmussen - Synonym(s): olivocochlear tract
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11,32) The difference has been attributed to the fact that the outer hair cell properties are considered to be mature at 32 weeks of gestation, (33) while it has been proposed that maturation of the medial olivocochlear efferent innervation of the outer hair cells occurs at 37 weeks.
Early maturation of evoked otoacoustic emissions and medial olivocochlear reflex in preterm neonates.
The auditory olivocochlear (OC) efferent nerve pathway begins in the brainstem and projects to the inner ear.
Olivocochlear bundle stimulation affects cochlear biomechanical nonlinearity.
Otoacoustic emissions and the olivocochlear bundle.
Contralateral suppression of otoacoustic emissions: An index of the function of the medial olivocochlear system.
The olivocochlear efferent pathway has been studied extensively in attempts to characterize its role in hearing.