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Formation of oligomers from larger or smaller molecules.
Synonym(s): oligomerisation.
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Cocoa extracts reduce oligomerization of amyloid-beta: implications for cognitive improvement in Alzheimer's disease.
If the yield of macro-monomer groups is too low, then the potential for generating crosslinks by oligomerization will be stunted, as observed in the present study.
Initiation of the intrinsic pathway is catalyzed by activator proteins, such as BIM and BID, which promote the oligomerization of the proapoptotic members of the Bcl2 family, such as BAX and BAK, at the mitochondrial membrane.
It: also entails regenerating the filter at a periodic time by removing the first: coating and pre-coating the filter with a second coating comprising an activated clay for preventing oligomerization of at least one coating activated clay and solvent.
The key was to show that the disruption of Orb2 oligomerization on its own impairs Orb2's function in stabilizing memory.
Oligomerization of the hemolytic lectin CEL-III from the marine invertebrate Cucumaria echinata induced by the binding of carbohydrate ligands.
interaction of the toxin monomer with target membranes, self-assembly on the cell surface by circular oligomerization and insertion into the lipid bilayer core (2,3).
For now, the attention has turned to alcohol and a conversion process called oligomerization as the next promising alternative fuel to receive certification consideration from the Air Force.
Enhanced production and oligomerization of the 42-residue amyloid [beta]-protein by Chinese hamster ovary cells stably expressing mutant presenilins.
BGC20-1178 (RS-1178) is a potent inhibitor of neuro-inflammation caused by beta-amyloid while BGC20- 0406 (RS-0406) is a small molecule inhibitor of amyloid oligomerization (the process by which amyloid self-associates to produce toxic aggregates) and has also been shown to disaggregate already formed amyloid fibrils.
The inhibition of JNK activity by monomeric GSTP1-1 is reversed by oxidative stress, which causes oligomerization of GSTP1-1 and, consequently, dissociation of the GSTP1-1-JNK complex.