olfactory placode

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olfactory placode

A placode that first gives rise to the olfactory pit and later to the major portion of the nasal cavity.
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a platelike structure, especially a thickening of the ectoderm marking the site of future development in the early embryo of an organ of special sense, e.g. the auditory placode (ear), lens placode (eye) and olfactory placode (nose).

lens placode
the ectodermal thickening which develops into the lens vesicle and later the lens.
nasal placode
one of a pair of ectodermal thickenings which are the forerunners of the external nares and nasopharyngeal epithelium.
olfactory placode
an ectodermal thickening of the embryo which ultimately provides the sensory nerves for the olfactory region of the nasal mucosa.
otic placode
one of the pair of ectodermal thickenings in the vertebrate embryo which invaginates and is a major contributor to the internal ear.
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3, where the KAL-1 gene encodes Anosmin 1, which plays a role in normal migration of both GnRH secreting neurons and axons of olfactory neurons from the olfactory placode to the brain, thus linking anosmia with hypogonadotropism.
OECs develop from the olfactory placode and subsequently migrate into the olfactory nerve and OB.