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Hence when old-age pensions were introduced by the subsequent Liberal government of Richard Seddon there was little problem with financing them: they were paid for out of the surplus.
This section presents hypothetical explanations on both old-age pension policy change and the system's resistance to reforms given by various authors and observations mainly from the transition economies.
That an increase in the old-age pension produces a negative capital stock effect is anticipated, but the neutral or negative effect on longevity is counterintuitive.
8) per month; old-age pensions and allowances for the disabled people - 210,525 sums ($70); benefits for the elderly and disabled citizens who do not have the required work experience - 129,180 sums ($43).
Which British chancellor of the exchequer introduced old-age pensions and national insurance?
Social insurance old-age pensions and disability pensions should be reimbursed once the economic recession is over.
And 97 per cent said the Government's main responsibility was to provide health care and basic old-age pensions.
Here were these old Hispanics who became eligible for old-age pensions after they'd been here for years and years," Brown said, remembering the delegation that came to thank him after the law was approved.
Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius says the government is "ready to commit" to increase old-age pensions after the current hard times, reports ELTA.
He added: "Ireland is under spending on old-age pensions, child benefits, sickness benefits, maternity leave, disability benefits and widows'' pensions.
He has broken his promises to the electorate on tuition fees, the privatisation of air traffic control and old-age pensions.
While many don't realize it, the railroads also led the way for a great liberal cause: old-age pensions.