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n a deduction; a counterclaim; a contrary claim or demand by which a given claim may be lessened or cancelled.
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For a highly effective hedge, there must be offsetting fair value changes for the hedged item and hedging instrument.
46 per cent said the Government talked a lot on the subject but did not follow this up with actions seven per cent reckoned the Government should make carbon offsetting compulsory for everyone in the UK
Rather, losses realized on a position of an identified straddle are capitalized into the basis of each identified offsetting position.
Although conceptually global netting is largely the same as offsetting, the Treasury expressed a number of administrative concerns about global netting.
Generally accepted accounting principles prohibit offsetting assets and liabilities unless the right of setoff exists.
The proposal, effective for periods ending after December 15, 1991, also would provide an exception to the general principle to permit offsetting of market value amounts recognized for multiple forwards, swaps and similar contracts executed under master netting arrangements.
In addition to offsetting electricity and natural gas usage for its offices, Method is offsetting all of the electricity used to manufacture products at its 13 facilities around the country.
277 is to keep social clubs from offsetting losses from furnishing services to members against income from investments and from nonmember business (such as golf outings and company dinner dances).
Green Mountain Coffee's contribution will offset 2,302 tons of carbon dioxide - the annual emissions of 384 cars - offsetting the climate impact of a year of the Company's roasting operations.
Ben & Jerry's announced today that it will fight global warming by offsetting one year's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its Vermont ice cream production facilities - while supporting the construction of a new wind turbine on the rolling grasslands of South Dakota.
The low offset voltage and bias current eliminate the need for offsetting circuitry in most applications, and the low supply current means less demand on the battery or power supply.
The decline in operating income is principally due to higher costs and the restructuring charge offsetting increased revenue.