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n a deduction; a counterclaim; a contrary claim or demand by which a given claim may be lessened or cancelled.
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sports' are extremely rare under nature, but far from rare under cultivation; and in this case we see that the treatment of the parent has affected a bud or offset, and not the ovules or pollen.
By the two signs," answers Tobin, trying to explain, "which ye display according to the reading of the Egyptian palmist from the sole of me hand, ye've been nominated to offset with good luck the lines of trouble leading to the nigger man and the blonde lady with her feet crossed in the boat, besides the financial loss of a dollar sixty-five, all so far fulfilled according to Hoyle.
There was nothing in his outer man which his millions would not offset.
But as if to furnish some offset to this solitary submission to a womanish vanity, they were fearfully fringed, from the gartered knee to the bottom of the moccasin, with the hair of human scalps.
there can be no necessary presumption offsets are either welfare-diminishing or welfare-enhancing polices in either the buying or the selling country", still holds today (Udis & Maskus, 1991, p.
2009) "The Role of Offsets in Malaysian Defence Industrialisation", Defence and Peace Economics, 20(4):341-358.
Environment Minister Albert Jacob has today released new guidelines on the use of environmental offsets in assessments and approvals of projects.
These new guidelines for environmental offsets are the latest measure in a series of State Government reforms to improve the consistency, certainty, transparency and accountability in the determination of environmental offsets, Mr Jacob said.
NYSE: UAL) company United Airlines said it will enhance its carbon-offset program that allows MileagePlus members to redeem their miles for offsets to cover the carbon emissions associated with their air travel.
The company's existing program provides all United customers the opportunity to calculate and purchase offsets for their travel and cargo shipments, and now customers can use their frequent flyer miles to help the environment.
asking their own questions: what are defense offsets, and how
report, Transparency International (TI) concluded defense offsets are