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adj/adv pertaining to the operation of input/output devices or auxiliary equipment not under direct control of the central processor.
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This offline experience center is located at the traditional finance and trade zone of East Budapest - Central European Trade & Logistics Cooperation Zone, on the basis of a Chinese shopping mall, which covers an area of 43,000 square meters.
Then introduced Low-E Glass manufacturing technology analysis, And then summary statistics of China 26 manufacturers 2009-2017 Low-E Glass capacity production supply demand shortage and Low-E Glass selling price cost profit margin and production value, and also introduced offline online Low-E Glass production market share, and different thickness (4-12mm) production market share, Offline (Single Silver Double Silver Triple Silver) production market share and China supply demand shortage etc information, and then introduced China major Low-E Glass Companies basic information, 2009-2017 Low-E Glass capacity production price cost profit margin and production value etc details information.
Offline programming is the key to keeping your CMM maintaining throughput.
required online activities, required offline activities) were based on items previously used by Johnson, Burnett, and Rolling (2002) and Wang and Newlin (2000).
Offline data, residing primarily on tape media, continues to represent more than 10 times the amount of online information.
In a recent article by Ridley and Husband(1998) the authors tested the hypothesis of grade inflation and related issues when comparing online and offline courses.
Offline data can be retrieved by placing the archive media on the server or on the desktop of the person who needs it.
LiveRamp matches offline data keyed by postal or email address and places it online into anonymous audiences.
The BackWeb Developer Studio is a visual development environment that enables web developers to extend, test and deploy web-based enterprise applications for offline use without changing the way the application works.
Clients today demand an innovative approach to help them better understand and utilize online market research, and how to integrate offline and online methods.
Users Can View, Edit Zoho Writer Documents While Offline
Zoho Taps Google Gears to Let Customers Access Documents Offline