office visit

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office visit,

n a patient encounter with a health care provider in an office, clinic, or ambulatory care facility as an outpatient.
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He described the results of a recent study that evaluated 113 office visits paired with a mock e-visit for the same date, patient, and complaint.
When researchers examined the prices paid by private preferred provider organizations (PPOs) for 10 types of common office visits, they found that the prices were higher in areas where there was less competition among physicians.
About 72 percent to 74 percent have to pay a co-pay for an office visit, but only 15 percent to 19 percent pay coinsurance amounts for office visits, according to the MEPS data.
Physicians may be wary of imposing their own beliefs on their patients, and the limited time available during office visits may be another deterrent, the investigators reported.
Conceptual definition -- Any office visit that a patient makes regarding a problem addressed at a previous office visit.
Today there are more than 8,000 codes to describe almost every imaginable service and procedure that a patient may have performed during an office visit, and every single one is billable.
The American Migraine Communication Study, presented at the annual meeting of the American Headache Society, found that providers asked an average of 13 questions in the average 12-minute office visit with a patient seeking care for migraine headaches.
I much appreciated the article by Flocke and colleagues[1] in the March 2001 issue that concerned addressing multiple problems during an office visit.
It would be ideal if your health care could be seamless--one office visit builds on the next and one treatment plan logically progresses to the next.
Patients were followed for approximately 1 year postoperatively with one office visit and other followup telephone calls.
According to the data, transportation and financial services employees are paying more for office visit copays than those employees in the manufacturing, services and wholesale industries.

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