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office hours,

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The company decided to extend its office hours so people had the option of evening appointments during the week or a weekend appointment on Saturday.
Though staying connected to the office outside of required office hours may seem like a burden, most of these workers (62 percent) perceive it as a choice rather than an obligation.
From Monday to Thursday the office hours will be 8.
Another group, however, is pushing for the office hours to start at noon and finish at 5 pm, a short time before sunset and the end of the fast.
The new virtual office hours offer participants one-on-one time with an AIDS.
Access to GP surgeries is impossible outside office hours, ditto weekends.
London, August 8 ( ANI ): Google's interactive doodle has lead to thousand of lost working hours as people get busy exploring them during the office hours.
Summary: Before you read this story, think about how your boss would reach if you filed overtime pay for answering work emails out of office hours.
Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, has agreed to give its employees in Germany a break from receiving company emails on their BlackBerry devices outside office hours, the Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung has reported.
The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) has teamed up with the Farm Crisis Network (FCN) to extend the helpline's operating times outside of the current office hours.
Research shows more activity outside office hours, but little use of business applications
Summary: DUBAI -- The office hours for consular services at the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai will be from 7am to 2.

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