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He was cheery and genial to all, but somewhat offhand in his manners, giving the impression that he had seen life in social strata on some far lower horizon than the county society of Sussex.
It would never have done to act offhand, at random; the plan had to be carried out skilfully, by degrees.
The boy's dashing manners, and offhand rattle about books and learning, his likeness to his father
It occurred to him that the question would invite a counter-question as to his own knowledge of Miss Boyd, and he knew that he would not be able to invent a satisfactory answer to that offhand.
prentice (which is a very clever lad) sent 'em some medicine in a blacking-bottle, offhand.
He was surprised at my knowledge of the trains offhand, but he does not know that I have made up all the trains to and from Exeter, so that I may help Jonathan in case he is in a hurry.
My friend threw out the information in a very offhand way, but I saw that he cocked his eye at me to see if I had followed his reasoning.
Starting OffHand Gear in 2012 with the design and development of the "NORB" (No Ordinary Range Bag), she branched out into AR-related accessories and continues to grow the hugely popular NORB line too.
Younger folks who have never seen one are amazed when they get a turn with it, saying they've never shot so well offhand with open sights.
For example, FIRST / GUN / OFF / SOME would, with the word HAND suitably attached, become FIRSTHAND / HANDGUN / OFFHAND / HANDSOME.
He discourages even offhand remarks such as "I'm so clumsy" or "I am stupid.
Second, in close quarters, the role of your offhand becomes critical because it will be used to defend, control or strike as appropriate.