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n often the step after an invitation to treat; involves communication leading toward a possible contract.

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Q: Conducting formal discussions with offerors during a source selection can be very time consuming.
Even during the time of maximizing competition directed by the Competition in Contracting Act of 1984, the FAR did not require agencies to retain a proposal in the competitive range simply to avoid a competitive range of one, since conducting discussions with offerors with no reasonable chance of award would benefit neither the offerors nor the government.
Properly conducted, debriefings can greatly aid offerors, who can obtain insights for improving their proposals in future procurements.
The Board of Directors meeting passed the resolutions above with the assumption that the Offeror contemplates making the Company its wholly owned subsidiary through the Tender Offer and a subsequent series of procedures and that the Company's shares of common stock are scheduled to be delisted in case that the Company does become the wholly owned subsidiary of the Offeror.
We award the contract(s) to the offeror with the lowest price from the list of offerors who received acceptable ratings on mission capability.
As set forth in the sub-section, "(6) Matters regarding material agreements between the Tender Offeror and the Shareholders of the Company with respect to the tendering in the Tender Offer" described below, the Tender Offerors have agreed in the written Investment Agreement dated September 11, 2009 (the "Investment Agreement") made and entered into with Fuji Media Holdings, Inc.
Offeror may present options and variables to the scope while still meeting the
One of the documented reports is the proposal analysis report, which documents the results of the evaluation and provides a comparative analysis of the competitive offerors.
The Offerors are not affiliated with Liberty or its general partner.
The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT or Department) is requesting proposals from qualified firms or Offerors for General Engineering On-Call services for any number of the activities listed under Appendix A, Scope of Services.
505(f), Preaward Debriefing of Offerors, a preaward debriefing must not disclose the number of offerors, the identity of other offerors, the content of other offerors' proposals, the ranking of other offerors, the evaluation of other offerors, or any information prohibited from disclosure by FAR 15.
The Commonwealth reserves the right to inspect offerors physical facilities prior to award to satisfy questions regarding the offerors capabilities.