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Military medicine
The now-illegal practice of deliberately exposing military personnel and civilians to toxic war gases.

Vox populi
Flatulence, see their.


Release of gaseous chemicals from a solid. Cf Flatulence.
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If your home already has some flooring installed that is off-gassing, there are ways to improve the indoor air quality Before you start ripping all the Bad stuff up.
This off-gassing will not cause a problem as long as the blood is able to carry the nitrogen to the lungs before bubbles form.
Secondly, a less tangible but longer term savings comes from the increased productivity and decreased absenteeism as a benefit of the staff's better working conditions vis-a-vis cleaner air, ample natural light and less toxic off-gassing of interior furnishings.
This contamination originates primarily from materials off-gassing, human metabolism, housekeeping and personal hygiene activities, and experiment facilities.
Triggers vary widely, from cigarette smoke and molds and mildews to the off-gassing of vinyl materials.
There won't be any off-gassing from the walls, either, since they're covered with paint free of volatile organic compounds or wallpaper made from recycled fibers.
Pure polyester retains its initial heat-set and so doesn't need the off-gassing, formaldehyde-laced permanent-press treatment of cotton and cotton-polyester blends.