ocular prosthesis

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oc·u·lar pros·the·sis

an artificial eye or implant.


(pros'the-sis, pros'the- ) plural.prostheses [Gr. prosthesis, an addition]
1. Replacement of a missing part by an artificial substitute, such as an artificial extremity.
2. An artificial organ or part, including arms, hands, joints, heart valves, teeth, and others.
3. A device to augment performance of a natural function, such as a hearing aid.

dental prosthesis

A dental appliance used to restore soft and hard oral tissue. The prosthesis may be internal or external to the oral cavity. Examples include dentures, partial dentures, orthodontic retainers, obturators, fixed bridges, and removable bridges.

Patient care

Care should be taken to remove, maintain, and clean dental prostheses at least on a daily basis, with dental prophylaxis and examinations scheduled regularly, usually semiannually.

expansion prosthesis

A prosthesis that expands the lateral segment of the maxilla; used in clefts of the soft and hard palates and alveolar processes.

externally powered prosthesis

Any prosthesis in which a small electric motor has been incorporated for the purpose of providing force to control various functions.

hair prosthesis


maxillofacial prosthesis

The repair and artificial replacement of the face and jaw missing because of disease or injury.

myoelectric prosthesis

An prosthetic device operated by battery-powered electric motors that are activated through electrodes by the myoelectric potentials provided by muscles.

neural prosthesis

Any device or electrode that improves function by substituting for an injured or diseased part of the nervous system.

ocular prosthesis

Artificial eye.

penile prosthesis

A device implanted in the penis that assists it to become erect. The device is used in patients with erectile dysfunction due to such organic causes as trauma, prostatectomy, or diabetes. It is usually in the form of inflatable plastic cylinders implanted in each corpus cavernosum of the penis. These cylinders are attached to a pump embedded in the scrotal pouch. A reservoir for the fluid used to fill the cylinders is implanted behind the rectus muscle. This system allows the cylinders to be filled when an erection is desired and the fluid to be drained back into the reservoir when the need for the erection has passed. In most patients, this device permits the attaining of a nearly physiological erection.
See: Peyronie's disease

porcine valvular prosthesis

A biological prosthesis made from the heart valve of a pig, used to replace a diseased cardiac valve.

tracheobronchial prosthesis

An airway stent used to open part of the trachea or a bronchus that has become obstructed (e.g., because of airway collapse, stenosis, or compression by a tumor).

voice prosthesis

A device that synthesizes the human voice. It is used in patients who have undergone laryngeal surgery.

prosthesis, ocular 

An artificial eye or ocular implant. Note: also spelt prothesis. See giant papillary conjunctivitis; artificial eye; intraocular lens; ocularist.


pl. prostheses [Gr.]
1. the replacement of an absent part by an artifical substitute.
2. an artificial substitute for a missing part, such as an eye, leg or tooth, used for functional or cosmetic reasons, or both.

femoral prosthesis
see total hip replacement.
joint prosthesis
the principal example in veterinary surgery is total hip replacement.
ocular prosthesis
is used infrequently in animals. It may be fitted in the orbit after enucleation (intraorbital), within the sclera after evisceration of the defective globe (intrascleral), or over the surface of a deformed globe (extrascleral).
skeletal prosthesis
not much used in animals, largely because of the great variability in the sizes needed and the small volume required. Human prostheses have been adapted for use in primates.
urethral prosthesis
metal or synthetic conduits may be implanted in the treatment of urethral stricture and obstruction in male cats.
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