ocular fundus

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fundus of eyeball

the portion of the interior of the eyeball around the posterior pole, visible through the ophthalmoscope. See: eyegrounds.

ocular fundus

The posterior part of the eye including the retina and optic nerve.
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pl. fundi [L.] the bottom or base of an organ, or the part of a hollow organ farthest from its mouth.
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Fundus of the cat. By permission from Sack W, Wensing CJG, Dyce KM, Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy, Saunders, 2002

fundus of bladder
the depths or cranial part of the urinary bladder.
fundus camera
used to photograph the fundus of the eye.
fundus of eye
the back portion of the interior of the eyeball, visible through the pupil by use of the ophthalmoscope.
fundus of gallbladder
the dilated portion of the gallbladder.
nasal fundus
the caudal extremity of the nasal cavity, occupied by the ethmoid bone.
nontapetal fundus
the nonreflective portion.
ocular fundus
see fundus of eye (above).
fundus reticuli sulci
floor of the reticular groove.
fundus of stomach
the part of the stomach to the left and above the level of the opening between the stomach and esophagus.
tigroid fundus
one lacking pigment so that underlying choroid vessels are visible as irregular stripes.
fundus tympani
the floor of the tympanic cavity.
unpigmented nontapetal fundus
lack of pigment permits larger blood vessels of the choroid to appear on fundoscopic examination. Seen in Siamese cats, dogs with merle coat color and Appaloosa horses.
fundus uteri
the part of the uterus between the cervix and the horns of the uterus.
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These could be pigmented ocular fundus lesions of familial adenomatous polyposis (POFLs) (1) and since they are associated with an inherited form of colon cancer referral would be warranted.
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