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Lysine vasopressin with l-phenylalanine at position 2.
Synonym(s): octapressin


Lysine vasopressin with l-phenylalanine 2.
Synonym(s): octapressin.

felypressin (fel´ipres´in),

n brand name: Octapressin; an ingredient that may be added to a local anesthetic for the purpose of constricting blood vessels. It helps to contain the anesthetic in a specific area by reducing systemic absorption, decreasing blood flow, and prolonging effectiveness. It is not available in the United States.
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Octapressin, a vasoconstrictor agent, does not cause significant alterations in heart rate, but its vasoconstrictor action is lower than epinephrine (3-6).
The unique study compares electrocardiographic changes in a sedated cardiac patient exposed to oral operation under local anesthesia with lidocaine alone, epinephrine-combined lidocaine and prilocaine with octapressin in the same patient.
The differences between pure lidocaine with lidocaine+epinephrine and prilocaine with octapressin were significant (Table 3, 4).
The present study compared the electrocardiographic effects of lidocaine, lidocaine with epinephrine and prilocaine with octapressin in the same high risk sedated cardiac patient according to the National Cholesterol Education Programme, Adult Treatment Panel III (NCEP ATP 3) guidelines and low risk according to European Society of Cardiology ESC) guidelines during oral surgery under local anesthesia.
5 Bupivacaine HCl 3M ESPE 4 Articaine 4 Articaine Company % Name Vasoconstrictor Dentsply 2 Xylocaine Denial None 2 Xylocaine Denial Epinephrine 2 Xylocaine Denial Epinephrine 2 Polocaine Dental Levonordefrin 3 Polocaine Dental Ncne 4 Citanest Plain None 4 Citarest Forte Epinephrine Denisply UK 2 Xy ocaine Denial Adrenaline 2 Xylocaine Denial Adrenaline 3 Citarest with Octapressin Felvpressin Sep rodent 2 Lignospan Standard Epinephrine USA 2 Lignospan Forte Epinephrine 2 Scandonest L Levonordefrin 3 Scandonest Plain None 4 Septocaine Epinephrine 4 Septocaine Epinephrine 0.
A randomized trial of citanest with octapressin for relief of pain associated with laser vaporization of the cervix.