ochronotic arthritis

o·chron·ot·ic ar·thri·tis

osteoarthritis occurring as a complication of ochronosis.
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However, pathological tissue pigmentation is occasionally induced under several specific conditions, including ochronotic arthritis accompanied by alkaptonuria [1-3], haemosiderosis [4], and the use of drugs for Parkinson's disease [5, 6] or antibiotics [7-9].
In this case, we conclude that the severe pigmentation and destruction of the articular cartilage (similar to that observed in ochronotic arthritis due to haemosiderosis) occurred after chronic haemarthrosis, despite the patient having no underlying disease, drug usage, or traumatic episode, which ultimately required total knee arthroplasty.
Signs of ochronotic arthritis may resemble those of rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.
7) The usual arthritic drugs and physiotherapy decrease joint symptoms in the early stage of ochronotic arthritis but do not decrease the rate of degeneration of joints.
13) In cases of significant ochronotic arthritis, total joint replacement has been an effective approach to alleviate pain and restore function.