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, pl.


(ō-sel'ŭs, -lī),
1. The simple eye found in many invertebrates. Synonym(s): eyespot (2)
2. Facet of the compound eye of an insect.
[L. dim. of oculus, eye]


n. pl. ocelli (ō-sĕl′ī′)
1. A simple eye, found in many invertebrates, consisting of a number of sensory cells and often a single lens.
2. A marking that resembles an eye, as on the tail feathers of a male peacock; an eyespot.

o·cel′lar (ō-sĕl′ər) adj.


a single eye with a single lens found in insects and some other invertebrates.
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OOL hardly half as long as LOL, about equal to longer diameter of lateral ocellus.
Peucellier) OC ocellus, grocery, loci OHS oh-so, mohsite (oxide of iron and titanium) OS osmosis, ulvOspinel(a mineral), thos(canine beasts) OUS gousblom(aplant of the Compositae), klipkous(abalone) OWES Lowestoft (in Suffolk, UK) OZ corozo (a South American tree allied to the palms) short 's' sound followed by long 'O' sound.
Est enim Comoedia illa (ut multa sane paucis eloquar) Ocellus Fabularum Plauti.
Globalpoint Technology, which is based in North Shields, has been approved as an official partner of QinetiQ to sell the company's market-leading tracker device, the Ocellus S100.
In the descriptions, POL is the distance between the inner edges of the 2 lateral ocelli; OL is the distance between the inner edges of a lateral ocellus and the median ocellus; OOL is the distance from the outer edge of a lateral ocellus to the compound eye; OPL is the distance from the posterior edge of a lateral ocellus to the occipital carina; and TL is the distance from the posterior edge of an eye to the occipital carina.
Dark spot behind gills relatively small, 3 forming a weak ocellus (or semi-ocellate dark spot) and followed posteriorly by dark brown bar (consisting of 2-3 merged spots in vertical row or 2-3 clusters of fragmented spots) 2b.
Eyes shortly stylate; ocelli distant from each other, the interocellar distance distinctly shorter than distance from ocellus to eye; labium not reaching anterior coxae.
In repertory classics like Ocellus, Day Two, Gnomen, Pseudopodia, and Symbiosis, the dancers form amazing entanglements that yield shapes unlike two bodies in a typical dancer's embrace.
A rudimentary dorsal visual organ had a length one and a half times the diameter of the adjoining ocellus.
Ocellus products draw on this experience and are based on QinetiQ GPS technology - the ultra-reliable Q20 High Sensitivity GPS module.