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(ŏs′ə-lā′tĭd, ō′sə-, ō-sĕl′ā′-) also


1. Having an ocellus or ocelli.
2. Resembling an ocellus.

oc′el·la′tion n.
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The funny thing about the Ocellated turkey is that it is the oddest, most un-turkey-like bird of the six turkey subspecies.
Both of my Mexico hunts, for die Gould's and Ocellated, were priceless.
7 Ocellated Southern flounder flounder Temperature Average Average Month ([degrees]C) No.
Ocellated flounder were also present in Georgia estuarine waters in spring (17).
85 in SL; pelvic fins fully joined medially, reaching origin of anal fin; pelvic frenum present; four orangish brown bars on body with irregular dark markings between; rays of dorsal fins with ocellated orange spots, the soft rays tipped with orange; basal part of anal fin with narrow adjacent bands of black, orange, blue, and blue-green; pelvic fins pale blue or green.
Then, in the jungles of southern Mexico and Central America, there's the colorful ocellated turkey.
No, these modest iridescent, beige-tipped feathers are from the ostentatiously plumaged Ocellated Turkey endemic to the Yucatan Peninsular in Mexico and in neighboring Guatemala and Belize.
hallstromi), ocellated shoulder spot and numerous small black spots on body (H.
During the spring of 2011, I headed south to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico in search of ocellated turkeys with a bow.
To expand the challenge, add the ocellated and Gould's to earn the World Slam or Mexican Slam (wild-turkeygrandslam.