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Any event or incident.


in epidemiological terms means frequency of a disease without defining incidence or prevalence.

Patient discussion about occurrence

Q. In the meanwhile can someone give any hints if this sounds like diabetes or is a natural occurrence? My husband and I are diabetic. My daughter is pregnant and has been fine so far. My daughter says that fluids are good for her and she drinks a lot of water. She also keeps snacking on a bag of toffees. Every day I see the same ritual. She says she is always hungry. She has a craving to eat anything that is sweet. I suspect that there is something wrong her. In the meanwhile can someone give any hints if this sounds like diabetes or is a natural occurrence?

A. One thing I learned from my doctor is that the body will attempt to eliminate high blood sugar by making you urinate more frequently. This is what makes you thirsty when your blood glucose is high, making you want to drink more and more. It causes the dry mouth in the morning when you wake up. This is what I was experiencing with my diabetic condition before I was diagnosed. I am an insulin resistsnt (type II) diabetic.

Thirst is just one symptom.

Getting an A1c test will determine if there is diabetes. You have to see a doctor for that and the results are usually irrefutable.

Eating sugar candy will raise the blood glucose level. This would be dangerous for a diabetic.

Tell the tohe doctor and get her tested or evaluated and then you will know the real medical condition. All any of us can do on a forum like this is share experiences and info we learn. Nothing anyone suggests can substitute for what a doctor can easily determine for something like this with a blood test.

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But I should say that images belong only to the mental world, while those occurrences (if any) which do not form part of any "experience" belong only to the physical world.
But in all these cases, so he contends, the content exists when the thought exists, and is what distinguishes it, as an occurrence, from other thoughts.
The object might exist without the thought, but not the thought without the object: the three elements of act, content and object are all required to constitute the one single occurrence called "thinking of St.
The occurrence of the content of a thought constitutes the occurrence of the thought.
About two hours after this occurrence we heard the ground sea, and before night the ice broke and freed our ship.
Such is my journal of what relates to this strange occurrence up to the present day.
In very many published narratives no little degree of attention is bestowed upon dates; but as the author lost all knowledge of the days of the week, during the occurrence of the scenes herein related, he hopes that the reader will charitably pass over his shortcomings in this particular.
Three days ago I had heard that, during the previous week there had been a run of twenty-two coups on the red--an occurrence never before known at roulette-- so that men spoke of it with astonishment.
The occurrence for the brake system-level failure cause "No brake pressure" is some combination of the occurrences attributed to the "No brake pressure" failure mode at the brake actuation level.
At federal listing in 1994 Chorro Creek bog thistle was known from nine occurrences (one of these presumed extirpated) and with an estimate of <3,000 individuals.
A central issue in the case was whether all of DuPont's liability for the product arose out of a single "occurrence," which would mean that DuPont only had to satisfy a single SIR before it could recover under its excess policies, or whether the liabilities arose out of multiple occurrences which would trigger multiple SIRs.
The Kentucky Farm Bureau policy limits coverage by the number of occurrences from which the claims arose, stating that each occurrence is limited to $500,000 and provides for an aggregate maximum of $1,000,000.